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Become a life saver today!


Become a life saver today!

The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society (SLRCS), widely known for its world-class First Aid Services nationwide, has for many years been emphasizing the need for individuals and institutions to be trained and certified in First Aid, and is renewing its efforts and engagements with individuals and institutions on the expedience of First Aid for all.

A very minimal number of Sierra Leoneans have been trained in first Aid and many more still don’t know how to save someone’s life in an emergency. In an emergency situation, rending First Aid to the victims before they get the attention of Professional Medical caregivers is often the difference between life and death. A proper first aid rendered on time can prevent lifetime injury, expedite recovery and prevent further damage and or death.

Every year in Sierra Leone, SLRCS volunteers attend to cases of accidents and emergencies in their different communities, saving lives and alleviating human suffering.

It is devastating for paramedics to arrive at an emergency scene where no by-stander was able to perform CPR or control any form of bleeding until it’s too late, especially when Paramedics may only arrive several minutes if not hours after the incident. A range of emotions from shock to anger and regrets when one realizes that a casualty or death could have been easily prevented if only someone at the scene had knowledge in First Aid. Sadly, however most first responders do things that often adversely affect the recovery of the victims, either causing more pain or limiting the chances of recovery.

Never Forget that not knowing First Aid is a huge barrier to saving lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loved one or total stranger, not knowing First Aid could make you powerless to render help. And you do not have to be in that position! Someday, you may be the only person in the scene of an accident; What would you do?

Please Don’t wait for that Moment! You can do something about it today!

The time is now to get trained in First Aid by the only worldwide recognized First Aid service provider in Sierra Leone: The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society.

Contact us today on +23278454677/+23279492611

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