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Sierra Leone Red Cross Society in collaboration with IFRC is implementing a USAID-funded Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Programme (CP3) in Kailahun (Kissy Teng) and Kambia (Samu and Tonko Limba c/doms).”
The overarching goal of the CP3 is “Strengthen epidemic and pandemic preparedness through a whole-of-society, all-hazard approach”, using community-based volunteers. Within the framework of achieving this goal, three (3) objectives with corresponding activities are developed to be implemented throughout the project duration.
CP3 has expanded to three more chiefdoms in the two districts with additional new volunteers to the programme. A new CBS reporting software called Nyss has also been developed which is more efficient than the Kobo software we have been using in the past.
The objective of the project is to strengthen community resilience against the detrimental effects of epidemics and pandemics and to build the National Society’s capacity to prepare and respond to epidemic and pandemic threats.