The Integrated Resilience Programme (IRP) is designed to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in Western Urban and Rural districts with special focus on women’s and girls’ empowerment leading to their wellbeing and self-reliance as well as engagement of men and boys to facilitate positive gender norms.

Prior to the implementation of the IRP, a pilot phase (January – December 2021) was implemented focusing on SGBV and women and girls economic empowerment. During the implementation of the pilot, a lot of trainings with direct beneficiaries on SGBV concepts and prevention were carried out as well as wider community sensitisation and awareness raising sessions/campaigns on the forms of SGBV including prevention and referral for service provision was also done. Furthermore, 800 women and girls were supported to form self-help groups and trained on savings and loans for their economic empowerment. These beneficiaries also received financial support in the form of a social safety net and group start up income to improve their low to no incomes for them to be less economically dependent on their male counterparts for their basic needs and necessities. The recent evaluation findings from the men and boys in 50% of the communities stated that this was effective as their wives, mothers, or sisters were now self-reliant and able to contribute income in the home. Additionally, these women and girls were now valued in the communities as everyone was respecting them including the men and boys who were no longer undermining their rights. However, all respondents stated that they needed more training as well as awareness/sensitisation on SGBV prevention and economic empowerment as only a few of the most vulnerable were directly supported if these gains are to be sustainable as there are more people that were not fully engaged but are now willing to engage more after seeing some of the results.