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The Sierra Leone Red Cross Society was established in 1962 by an Act of Parliament and has an established network of 13 Branches and 18,000 Community Based Volunteers having a mandate of alleviating all forms of human suffering, restoring dignity, and improving the lives and conditions of the most vulnerable both in normal times and during emergencies.
Over the years, the Society has been creating huge impact in the lives of millions of vulnerable people across the country. Red Cross Staff and Volunteers make huge sacrifices daily, putting their lives at risk as shown during the cholera outbreak, Ebola pandemic, several floodings across the country, mudslide, Susan’s Bay, and wellington fire disasters among other, leading with safe and dignified burial, Contact Tracing, Psychosocial support, first aid services, distribution of food and non-food items, provision of conditional and unconditional cash transfers, extensive community engagements and sensitizations on health, environmental sanitation and hygiene and lots more.
In recent years, millions of people continue to benefit from projects like; BRIDGE, CP3, IRP, Tree Planting, ICRC. They’re capacitated with income generating skills, village saving loan schemes, knowledge on sexual and gender-based violence, first aid, WASH facilities, disaster reduction and preparedness skills.

As first responders to disasters and health emergencies, the Society has been strategic in supporting the government as an auxiliary body, drawing from the experiences of Ebola virus disease to fight the Covid19 epidemic. We’ve been very instrumental in correcting the myths and misconceptions with the dissemination of lifeline information through our radio and television talk shows, community engagements and sensitizations, door to door awareness raising, psychosocial support in quarantine homes, safe and dignified burial and providing cash assistance to survivors.
Through our network of 18,000 volunteers across the country, the Society continues to play a pivotal role in promoting safe and sustainable blood donation awareness to citizens through engagement of stakeholders and sensitizing communities about the benefits of giving out blood to those in need of it. we have also served as the longest non-remunerated blood donors nationwide.
Working in partnership with communities is at the heart of the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Therefore, the NS works in partnership with community stakeholders to ensure they’re aware of every activity and are consented knowing their own needs.
In playing its advocacy role, which is key in improving the lives of beneficiaries, SLRCS collaborates with other local and international aid providers advocating for those assessed needs and those communicated through our feedback mechanism and Hot line service that is freely accessible on orange line.
Today, communities continue to face series of challenges ranging from health and sanitation, natural and manmade disasters, livelihood concerns, sexual and gender-based violence and many more. In all of these, the NS continues to play a crucial role in reducing vulnerabilities, strengthening resilience, and equipping community members with life skills ensuring our services are impartially rendered.

Vision Statement

‘‘A Resilient Red Cross, delivering quality and sustainable humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable”.

Mission Statement

‘‘A nationwide Society empowered by the difference we make in the lives of vulnerable communities in partnership with our stakeholders. A respected steward of funds, providing timely and targeted preventive and responsive services in support of:

  • Respect for the human being
  • A healthy Society
  • Alleviation of suffering and
  • The promotion of the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Movement’’

The NS forms part of the basic units and constitute a vital force of the Movement, carrying out humanitarian activities in conformity with own statutes and national legislations, in pursuance of the mission of the Movement, and in accordance with the Fundamental Principles.

SLRCS comprises a General Assembly, the Finance Commission, and the Governing Board. It also has regional structures represented by Regional Representatives who are also members of the National Governing Board that ensures the extension of Red Cross activities throughout the districts including Western Area.